my story
my story
These are the EXACT same steps I used to help myself and students go from $0 to over 1 Million with Premium Branding
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Francesca K. Tejada is the founder and creator of Monetize Me The Art School of Monetization. Francesca helps entrepreneurs turn there passion into an income source with clients all over the world who have established income producing brands on everything from their love of birds to helping the under privilege youth.

Hello, my loves! So, let me explain about me and why I started Monetize Me: I actually started Monetize Me 

about 10 years ago if you count all that FREE information I gave to family and friends that they in turn created million dollar brands. 😂 But hey it has helped mold my craft to establish myself as a game changer... 

From speaking on stages to establishing my company Wealthy Celebrations as the TOP PICK for educational style event planning services I have shaped my life around my passions and purpose.. 

Yes, this picture is of me, Jeff Foxworthy and my foster sister in 2006. 😏 Do you see that hair and horrible makeup 😂. This was my very first keynote speaking engagement.. My job was to evoke emotion at a fundraiser so that donors would open up their check book 🤑.. And that I did!! 

It was this event when I knew I had a gift, a story and a purpose!! 

However, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.. I had no real connections, no social media following but I had a dream.. So I applied as a Fundraising Manager for Red Cross and got the job!! 😇

At this job I discovered a new passion for educational events such as conferences, workshops, and seminars.. I began to help people Monetize their expertise though live events.. Hence 😍 Wealthy Celebrations was born!! 

Even though I had all the expertise to Sell Out a live event, I was struggling to get clients and/or keep clients..

Until, by total accident, I discovered the wonderful world of online premium branding. 

I totally transformed my branding, messaging, pricing, systems and began positioning myself as a TOP NOTCH educational based event planner... Literally within days after I launched I was completely book for 5 months.. 

And within a month I was booked out for a complete year.. 💃🏿 I was living my PASSION!! 
Yes I was generating a consistent $10,000 or more a month and really I could just focus on this business.. 

But I was getting bombard from great people who wanted to host their own events but did not have the proper structure to really monetize their efforts... 

They wanted to: 
1) Run incredibly successful businesses that had various sources of income. 
2) IMPACT millions with their product, service or expertise.. 
3) Live a freedom based lifestyle 
4.) Chase their dreams and live within their purpose 

Immediately I wanted to help them reach these goals.. Yay!! Me chasing my passion led me right into my PURPOSE!! 😇

Just like my event planning business I wanted to be the best of the best.. NO SHORTCUTS 

So, like a crazy person…I obsessed.

I purchased several online courses, hired over a dozen coaches/and consultants 😔 I spent nearly $54,853.50 to be exact on various programs 

I tapped into their secrets and methods.

Took the best of what I learned and implemented, tweaked , tested and put my own spin on it.

Sort of like a mad scientist.. 🤓

However, it was one thing that a program with a 100% successful rate compared to the average 5% to 10% success rate had.. They primarily offered 1-on-1 services and gave proper hand holding that an entrepreneur needs to WIN!!  

Finally it was 2016 and it was time to  launch my very first program Monetize Me The Intensive ($995) 

Monetize Me The Intensive,  was all about helping entrepreneurs to stop the information overload and start IMPLEMENTING and EXECUTING on passions and purpose. I wanted the GET IT DO'ER'S!!
My first program did $21,500 in revenue during the first launch and I was OVER the moon. I couldn’t believe it. I was so freaking excited as people were paying to work with me and they was actually getting results!! 😜

Over the past 2 years I have perfected this program so much that I literally have a WAITING LIST!! This program now generates a consistent $350,000 or more a year 🤗 

GOD is good!!

Going into 2017 I hit over $1,000,000 in sales since the doors had opened.. 

This is primarily due to me scaling and adding other 1-on-1 IMPLEMENTATION programs to my roster...

If you don't learn anything else about business.. LEARN HOW and WHEN to SCALE... Super important!!

Why am I sharing this with you? Is it to tell you how amazing I am so I can give a little bow? Yes.

Just kidding.

I’m sharing this with you for inspiration as to what is possible (I’m not saying you are going to make 6 million dollars but it all starts with that first sale).

Did I make plenty of mistakes along the way? You bet! It wasn’t all rainbows, fuzzy kittens and huge. BUT…

It’s all about BABY STEPS and having a STEP-BY-STEP system to teach you exactly how to be successful with online premium branding.. 

My entire business (heck life) changed as a result of creating my own premium brand. And trust me as much as I wish I did, I don’t have any superpower (I’m not even good with technology…I forget my WIFI password about once a week).
It’s just about knowing what to do.

Fast forward (and this is where things get even crazier):

I have helped several people go from What Brand? to the Winning Brand.. 

And instead of wondering where my next client is coming from.. I now have a brand that SELLS ITSELF.. I also have the time freedom for my family, friends and child like hubby 🤡.. I love you Mr. Tejada!! 

And I lost over 100 lbs!! Hard-work, determination and a lot of prayer will get you though anything 
I love my family!! Sorry for the messy collage!! 
And within this year I have been able to hire my husband and several employees that help me create awesomeness for all my clients.. 

But the thing I’m most proud of (besides hiring my hubby) is my thousands of successful clients and happy students all over the world who have turned their products, courses, services and expertise into a premium brand from literally every topic imaginable from sleep training for babies to clarinet lessons for adults. Not to mention fitness, business, cooking, baseball, snowboarding, teachers….and even Equestrian Tai Chi (yes, seriously!) and hundreds more.

I’m far more proud of this than my own results…this is really why I do what I do!
“Francesca's Programs are insanely valuable.. No one is giving this type of hand holding and personalized strategies 
as she does.. My very first launch did $22,000 within 30 days.. And my revenue now grows monthly”
Francis Ellis , GoNow Transportation

“573% increase in sales from implementing Francesca's advice. Enough said.”
Lauren Morris, MD, Swedish Pediatrics

“Francesca’s advice and tips helped me DOUBLE my sales and build up my email list!”
Crystal King, King Salons 

And that’s the story in a quick nutshell. Pumped to have you here.
– Francesca K Tejada 
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